Hair Lighteners

Charcolite™ Lightening Paste 8.8 oz

Activated Charcoal Brightening formula with Restorative BondPlex that lightens and tones in 1 step!

  • Lift to 9 levels
  • Cool-toned & bright finish
  • On & Off Scalp Applications
  • Moisture-rich paste consistency
  • No drip-dries quickly
  • No swelling, transferring or bleeding. 

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Activated Charcoal Powder

  • - Removes impurities and build-ups.
  • - Provide a cool-neutral finish.


Graphite Crystalline Pigments

  • - Neutralizes any unwanted brassiness.
  • - Provides luster and shimmering finish.


Inulin Bond Complex

  • - Enriched with Inulin & Argan oil powerful antioxidants to protects hair and skin during the lifting process, delivering soft, healthy-looking, high-shine results.


1:2 Mix 1 part lightener with 2 parts LEVEL developer.
Process for up to 40 minutes.

No samples yet, but here are the current promotions for professional #charcolite TRY ME KITS promos

Yes, for licensed professionals only.

Yes, it can be used on highlighted hair as well the darker sections. Charcolite removes yellow and orange undertones during process with it's built in toner in one step.🙂.

It is made of rich high restorative moisturizes the hair and soothes the scalp during the lightening process. Bond-building complex encapsulates moisture and maintains an optimal texture. Antioxidant that protects hair and skin during the lifting process, delivering soft, healthy-looking, high-shine results natural high most of ith are constructive high content to maintain moisture in the hair during the lightening process. Natural paste is made of with and natural pigment. The enriched lightening paste helps to smooth and soften the hair fibre for beautiful condition.

Yes, it can used on the scalp.

Yes, the lightener has ammonia.

Yes, it works on previously colored hair.

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